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Charlotte and Kosta’s beautiful summer wedding was rich in elegance, tradition, culture, and tenderness. Their story has been more than a decade in the making and becoming husband and wife, joining together with God, was exactly what that they have been working toward as they’ve built their love and their life together all of these years.

Together with nearly 450 of the loved ones and closest friends (hehe, I couldn’t resist! They have more people that love them than some people have contacts on social media…), they tied the knot at the St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Saginaw, Michigan.

It was a hot day in the mid-west but we lucked out with no rain! The after showers that were scheduled for the exact time of portraits managed to pass over us just about 20 miles to the north; we were blessed! With some handkerchiefs and bottled water in tow, we managed the head, and I, with my FINALLY acclimated Southern blood, actually thought it was gorgeous! (The humidity is so much lower than Memphis so y’all, that was my saving grace…)

After a beautiful traditional Greek Orthodox marriage ceremony, a fun flowery petal exit was followed by a trip to the Saginaw Art Museum for portraits with the newlyweds and their wedding party. (Let’s just take a moment to send a shout out to the folks at the Saginaw Art Museum because the garden area is absolutely stunning! The grounds are so beautifully maintained and I highly recommend the location for photos if you ever have the opportunity…)

Photo fun came to an end, but not without popping the cork on a very generously gifted bottle of Dom, nearly losing the veil to gusts of upward wind a time or two, and me shooting an entire scene of portraits with my coffee cup in the bottom corner. Should I admit that? No. Was it funny given I was drinking scolding hot coffee that a gentlemanly groomsman made for me in 90 degrees and sun? Absolutely! (Plus, crop, We’re all good!)

Next, it was time to party! And party, they did!

If you think the rituals, tradition, and blessings involved in a Greek wedding ceremony are special….just wait until the band kicks it up after dinnertime at the reception. HOLY MOLY. Does this blog post have a gazillion reception dancing photos? Guilty again. They’re just the best, and I couldn’t help myself! Mr. & Mrs. Povich waltzed into married life and a rowdy group of some really incredible people, and not to mention, dancers!

The entire day was one for the books; it was full of timeless beauty, meaning, and love, and I’m thrilled I was able to be a part of it.

Without further adieu, Mr. & Mrs. Kosta Povich!