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It’s Christmas Eve! And as I sit here at my mom’s house in Michigan, binging on the second season of The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel, and watch my daughter read her Dork Diaries book….I’m so grateful for this moment. This day. This trip. I haven’t been home for Christmas in TEN YEARS, and tonight I will attend Christmas Eve service at my home church for the first time with my daughter!!!

Last weekend, I had the immense pleasure of traveling from Memphis to Asheville, to photograph Cameron and Dan’s engagement session at the INCREDIBLE Biltmore Estate! When we first met and I discovered that Cameron lived in Asheville for grad school, I casually tossed out the idea of me coming to Asheville and we wondered what it would take to make an engagement session happen at The Biltmore the week before Christmas. They say dream big, right? Well, dream big we did!

Guys, words. There are barely words. I had the joy of going three days in a row and discovering so much beauty with every turn on this vast 8,000 acre property. From the gardens to Antler Village (free wine tasting—-heyyyyy) to the impressive Christmas display in the house itself—the entire experience left an impression.

We were dealing with very interested weather conditions. It went from snowing throughout the week to warming up to 51 degrees and sunny the day before our photo shoot, to plummeting back down to 37 with thick fog rolling in. We spent the day enjoyed different spaces on the property, from the top of the hill by Diana, down to the Italian Gardens, onto the Conservatory, and ending down by the Bass Pond…..every bit of our adventure was memorable!

I’ll also be blogging my personal photos from my visit to the home, with tips on how to really enjoy your Christmas at Biltmore visit. For now, a VERY Merry Christmas to you all, and enjoy the beauty that is Cameron and Dan!

All my love,