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I officially welcome you to the longest engagement post in Ashley Nicole Photography history….and guess what….I love every single image of it! Guys….selecting images for this post was the hardest thing.

When Charlotte and Kosta contacted me about their 2019 wedding, I was so incredibly excited for another opportunity to head home to the Mitten to capture a love story; specifically a love story so many wonderful years in the making.

Charlotte was Kosta’s date for the senior prom, and from that point on, they have been facing life and it’s challenges together. From undergrad to law school, first jobs, and life’s many high and low points—through thick and thin—their love has grown stronger and stronger over the last 13 years. This next milestone, marriage, is one that they and their loved ones are so incredibly excited for!

We spent day one of our two part engagement extravaganza at the Saginaw Art Museum and then at Kosta’s family cabin right on the water in Caseville. The art museum had just opened the most amazing display the night before by artist, April Wagner. Guys, it was so beautiful and if you are in the Saginaw area this winter, I highly encourage you to stop by and behold. After taking a walk around their lush garden, we enjoyed the museum before hitting the road to the Povich family cabin.

The cabin has been in Kosta’s family for 50 years and holds a special place in their hearts. It is also where the couple went after their Michigan State University engagement to celebrate with Kosta’s family for the weekend. It was definitely worth the drive, and after playing on the beach we enjoyed a delicious dinner at a local restaurant (I mean, I couldn’t visit the Great Lakes state without eating perch at least once!)

The next morning, we woke up nice and early to beat the rain and frolicked around downtown Saginaw. Our stops in included the bright and colorful “Saginaw mural,” the beautiful Bancroft building, and the charming red brick by the Stable. Saginaw is our hometown and where Charlotte and Kosta have chosen to build their life and their family after graduating from college. It seemed fitting to document that in their session, along with the cabin, and is the perfect compliment to the lovely photographs their friend captured for them on the day of their engagement on MSU’s campus.

Along with this AMAZING engagement session, my brief weekend home included apple cider, fresh apple cider donuts, and some time with my mama! Michigan treated me to a few days of proper crisp fall weather before we drove back down to 90 degrees. Thankfully it is cooling down here in Tennessee this week and I can bust out my boots, or at least put away my flip flops for a minute.

Without further adieu…..this GORGEOUS couple, Charlotte and Kosta!