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Guys…..where is fall? Not that I don’t love the occasional weekday pool session in late September…..I mean…the kiddos are off to school and the pool at Lifetime is sparkling bliss during the day, but come on… for Halloween decorations when the “feels like,” is 102 just doesn’t fit. :)

I say that to say this……y’all… was 98 degrees last Friday for Trey and Catey’s engagement session at Shelby Farms. We searching high and low for patches of shade, but there wasn’t any other choice but to sweat buckets! And yet, these two look absolutely fantastic in every single one of their photos! They knocked it out of the park…..Shelby Farms Park. (Ha, see what I did there?)

The future Mr. & Mrs. drove up from Northern Mississippi to prance around the park with me and allllllllllll of this magic happened! It makes me so excited for their October wedding, less than four weeks away and lots of prayers for sub-98 degree weather on the big day.