Frequently Asked Photography Questions

A few of our most frequently asked questions and their answers. Why? Because if you’re wondering, chances are someone else has wondered it as well!

-Do you offer high-resolution digital images? 

YES! Currently all of our wedding collections include the high-resolution digital image files from your custom edited photos. Our senior experience and portrait sessions also include a number of digital images, as well as the option to design beautiful albums, timeless art prints, and order other exciting items such as graduation announcements! There is also the option to add additional high-resolution digital images to your portrait session.

-Do you photograph Sunday weddings? 

Yes I do! Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in booking a Sunday wedding.

-Do you have a purchase minimum for the senior experience and portrait sessions? 

NO! Not as this moment. You are not required to invest in anything beyond your actual session fee. It is up to you to decide if you would like additional images or help creating lovely prints or products to cherish.

-What are your travel fees? 

We are based in the Memphis, Tennessee area. We travel up to 40 miles outside of zip code 38017 before any travel fee is assessed. After that radius, a small travel fee of 0.50 cents per mile is added to your total.

BUT, yes there is a BUT. Destination weddings are an exception. Michigan weddings are also an exception. If you are planning a destination wedding or a wedding in the wonderful Mitten, please contact me for a custom quote!

-Can you photoshop my {insert body part here}? 

We live in this digital world where “almost everything,” is possible with powerful programs such as Photoshop. In my personal opinion, this is both a blessing and a curse. And while my editing workflow DOES include Photoshop, I have a very strong general rule when it comes to “photoshopping,” my clients.

My general rule is this: Anything that is natural to your body, that I can reasonably assume will not be gone within 1 week of your session (dark circles from your very alert newborn or a lovely pimple that seemed to pop-up overnight….) will be removed. My belief is that everything & everyone is beautiful and unique!  Requesting me to make you five sizes smaller or airbrush our 100% of the detail in your skin so that you look like you have the skin of an 8 year old, is not something that is included in my general workflow.

My goal is to create images that enhance your natural beauty and that you can love yourself in! If there is something that you would like me to be considerate of, please feel free to discuss anything with me BEFOREHAND and I will do my very best to be accommodating to your needs.

-Can you remove my braces? 

Yes. Braces can be removed, and this is a pretty common request for senior portrait clients. I do, however, outsource this advanced editing technique to a professional retoucher and so there is an additional fee for it. Please inquire if interested in this service. The fee will be dependent on number of images to be retouched.

-How long does it take for me to receive my photos? 

Wedding editing time depends on the time of the year in which you marry, but my contract states that you will have your images back in 4-6 weeks. Though I always try to return your images to you FOUR weeks after your wedding date. For portrait sessions and senior experiences the turnaround is generally one week.

-Do I get a copyright to my photos? 

This is always a very confusing topic for people because of the legal terms that we are required to use in our business practices. But let me do my best to clarify!

What you receive with your high-resolution digital images is a printing release. This release gives you the right to reproduce your images for personal use. (Print an album, order 5X7’s for grandma, and etc.) What a printing release does not allow you to do is sell or release the images to a third party, or use them in any way that can be considered for financial gain.

If you’re ever unsure of what your printing release does allow and does not, please just contact me!

If your question has not been covered here, please feel free to email me! I’ll answer just as soon as I possibly can!