Our very first meeting together ended up being a 2.5 hour hang out session filled with the laughter usually shared by old friends. The vibes were SO good and Becky and Shane exude happiness! They’re magnetic. They have a beautiful story about reconnecting with one another, years after high school. Life took them down different paths, but after much time—they’ve been brought back together and are about to embark on the new and exciting journey of living life as husband and wife!

When researching beautiful backdrops for Memphis engagement photos, all three of us were surprised that a local cemetery seems to be a huge favorite. With a bit of hesitation we met at Memorial Park, but were very quickly smitten by what we saw. The grounds are absolutely beautiful! So well taken care of with a lot of lovely greenery, fountains, floral beds, and even a crystal grotto with impressive Memphis artwork on display. It blew us away!

Next we decided to head out to the Collierville Town Square to finish up our evening. When we arrived there was actually a real live wedding taking place in the gazebo in the center of the square and so we hung out and watched from a distance so as not to disturb the lovely couple tying the knot. The weather had started to cool off and a gentle breeze were the perfect ingredients to the end of our day. We took a stroll through the back alleyway and enjoyed different spaces and textures before ending by the awesome train on display in the square. (It really is the most adorable town square I’ve ever seen!)

Without further adieu, Shane & Becky’s engagement photos…..

Karly is my buddy. And by buddy, I mean that she’s the amazingly wonderful pastry chef that is constantly filling my belly with sugary goodness! (If you haven’t been to Southern Social in Germantown and had one of her desserts, you’re missing out!)

She and Eric relocated to Memphis from Boston, and we’ve shared many moments of laughter as we learn to navigate our Southern terrain. From the “bless her hearts,” to the number of times we have to clarify that we do indeed want unsweetened tea, it’s a fun bond.

On their last trip up north, Karly told us all about the time when they were living in Boston that Eric “almost,” proposed on the tiniest suspension bridge in the US , but was really just bending over to tie his shoe. His playful joke may have been funny then, but we were all secretly hoping that Karly was spending her long weekend back home taking another stroll over that tiny bridge.

When she returned to work that following week, it was with one of her explosive smiles and a shiny new piece of jewelry on her finger! YAY! Their trip across that tiny bridge did indeed result in a real marriage proposal this time!

On the day of their engagement session, this was the very first time I had the pleasure of meeting Eric in real life. He is a goofball who made us giggle like school girls the whole time. I had expected him to be way more nervous and unenthused, considering that he had just found out about photos the day before, but he was such a team player and we had a great time. The thunderstorm held out just long enough for us to get in some wonderful shots, and you can’t even tell that it was dark dark gray with Mother Nature taunting us with her fury. Overton Park is such a lovely backdrop and the water near the children’s play area made for a lovely lush background.

So friends, without further adieu, Karly and Eric……..

Two days before Beth & Tommy’s April 1st wedding I got a text from Beth that included a photo of her car windshield covered in a snowy/icy MESS! Yes folks, I know that snow in Michigan at the end of March is not a terribly huge surprise, but it certainly was not what we were hoping for on their big day. (And considering we managed to score a 60 degree day in FEBRUARY, whew, we were testing our luck!)

One day before the Blinstrub wedding bash, Sebastiaan and I got into our cars at 72 degrees and got out when it was 38 with on again/off again freezing rain. BRRRR!

When we woke up on the morning of April 1st, the skies were blue, sunny, and a we both let out a sigh of relief when we saw that it was truly going to be a beautiful day!

After a quick drive around our old stomping grounds (Midland, Michigan is where Sebastiaan and I met at Northwood University) we started the day at Beth and Tommy’s home close-by.

Their house is comfy, cozy, and speckled with adorable Michigan “things.” Their Michigan theme carried right through; from their engagement session, throughout their home decor, and into their wedding details. Beth found the most adorable silver Michigan bracelets to give her bridesmaids as part of their gift. They were adorable and the Mitten was the same as the one hanging on the wall in their home and adorning their tasty cake.

Beth and her girls had an old school slumber party the night before, chock full of way too much laughter and the best part—-Disney movies! They were still giggly the next day when we arrived to photograph her getting ready and details.

We continued to Messiah Lutheran Church in Midland, Michigan for a traditional wedding ceremony with their closest friends and family members. I must say that the staff at Messiah was some of the most pleasant with whom we have had the pleasure of working, and Pastor’s message about the tree and taking roots and growing in their marriage was beautiful!

After the deed was done. The brand new Mr. and Mrs. Blinstrub boarded their party bus and we headed to see a very special person—Beth’s grandma. Grandma lit up when she saw her girls! There were smiles, tears, and the opportunity to capture three generations of wedding rings in one photograph. To say that this part of the day was special is an understatement! Beth incorporated her other grandparents into her day as well. She had a single peppermint attached to her bouquet for Grandpa, and wore two bracelets from her other Grandma and Grandpa. She had each of them close to her heart in one way or another.

Well, the music was turned up and the beverages began to flow. It was party bus time! We stopped in downtown Bay City near the Shell to squeeze in some wedding party portraits before joining the rest of the guests at Lumber Baron’s Brewery for the reception.

Lumber Barons is such a multi-faceted venue and it was a great place for Tommy and Beth’s celebration! After dinner we were even able to sneak down to the brew room to snag a few shots. We noticed that the light outside was magical and decided to take full advantage before dusk.

Tommy and Beth have both been dancing for YEARS, and after dinner they wow’d their guests with a beautiful first dance routine. It was the perfect combination of sweet and upbeat. Tommy twirled his bride around that dance floor with grace and poise!

At the end of the night, upon request of our bride, the four of us went outside for that “last shot of the night.” Or as Beth has officially coined it, “The Ashley Special.” (I cracked up when I read this request on her Bride & Groom questionnaire. It sounded pretty darn inappropriate how she had written it…) The glow of downtown Bay City and the flashing street lights gave us great ambiance and we ended the perfect day in a perfect way!

Without further adieu…..Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Blinstrub! #tommany2017

The warm sweet air hugged us and a light breeze swirled in the air. The weather, the backdrop, our couple; everything was perfect for this spring wedding at the Dixon!

This year, Dixon Gallery & Gardens planted 230,000 tulip bulbs, most of which were in full bloom this past weekend at Tasha and Carlos’ outdoor wedding. Tasha carefully coordinated her navy and apple green details and they added a lovely pop of color to the already brilliant space.

After a sweet ceremony in the garden, guests enjoyed a cocktail hour outside before being served a fabulous meal by J Bernard. I must say, the beef brisket was the best I have ever had in my life! And if I know anything at all about our beautiful bride, Tasha, it is that she has a fabulous list of “people,” in her artillery. If you need anything at all…..cake lady….stylist….caterer….she is most certainly the person to ask!

Tasha and Carlos enjoyed a beautiful evening, sharing company with their closets friends and loved ones.

The very best wishes for many years of good health and happiness to the brand new Mr. and Mrs. Brown!


Special thank you to the following vendors for making their night a huge success!

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Dixon Gallery & Gardens

Event Coordinator: Sarah Catmur

Caterer: J Bernard Events & Catering

Second Shooter: Mary Kate Steele 


I don’t really even know where to start with describing my sweet Beth. To know her is a privilege. She is hands down one of the most kind, warm-hearted, and giving individuals that I have ever met; and I had the pleasure of going through those awkward formative years with her. We spent many a Sunday at the Peace Lutheran Youth House, eating copious amounts of Little Caesar’s and trying to navigate the whole “being a teenager,” thing.

And though Tommy and Beth have been together for ages, their engagement session up in Ann Arbor, Michigan was the very first time he and I have had the pleasure of meeting in real life! It is kind of tough to believe, but then again—Tommy does work a number of hours per week that Einstein is still trying to count to.

For their session, we planned on packing up the car and heading down to the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor. Tommy knows Ann Arbor like the back of his thumb and was able to guide (the misguided) Beth and I around with ease. We perused different parts of campus, and made a pit stop at Ashley’s bar; where they spent many evenings back in the beginning of their relationship. We met up for lunch and some drinks with some of their dearest friends and man—to say it was a great time is a gross understatement. I don’t use the word, “tribe,” very frequently, but the wonderful cluster of friends that these two are fortunate to call their own is by all definition of the word a tribe.

At the end of our shoot, after the light had gone down behind the parking structure where we randomly ended up—we met up with some of those same friends for dinner before heading back home. I don’t always get to know the wedding party before the big day, but I must say that it has made me THAT much more excited for their April Fools Day wedding!

Without further adieu, Tommy and Beth.


M o r e   i n f o